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Keops Interlock Price Match Promise

Our Price Match PolicyThis is what we mean by ‘price match’

With the launch of this website, Keops Interlock commit to conforming to the wishes of the manufacturer Lugarde, and herein quote the correct recommended retail prices.

To avoid any risk of misleading potential buyers, our displayed prices are inclusive of the wooden floor (where applicable), the felt shingle roof covering, the delivery charges in England and Wales and the VAT. There are still several dealers that quote lower prices to fuel interest but their attractive prices exclude these items which need to be added on later.

Take an extra 10% off Here at Keops Interlock we have learnt that we win our many orders based on our special trading merits and customer service rather than purely price. In essence price for price you will get more value for your money buying from Keops Interlock than from many other dealers.

For example, we provide superior systems of insulation, we have alternative and cost reducing techniques for preparing foundations, we can provide very competitively priced ground works, we can construct the building anywhere at incredibly keen prices, we can supply trade price preservatives and stains from leading brands, we offer 15 years and thousands of tailor made log cabins experience and we are professional engineers and log cabin specialists not just a garden centre, multi brand internet site or shed erector!

We would ask that if you are ‘shopping around’ please do take into account the cost of the whole project not just the building price, because overall we believe we are unbeatable.

There will still be dealers, playing the dangerous game of trying to win your order purely on the building price. It is a fact that companies cannot sustain a policy of price cutting, so tread with caution if you place your deposit with an unusually cheap dealer. If you are tempted please do let us know what you have been offered and we will see what can be done about the cost of any peripherals to ensure the overall cost and value for money from Keops Interlock is always the very best. Sometimes we will even agree to reward customers financially if they promise to send us a picture of their finished building.
About Us
Keops Ltd is an engineering company which was formed and is run by its directors.

Richard M Lewis B.Sc C.Eng. MIMechE MIEE, Managing Director is a Chartered Engineer in mechanical engineering. To achieve such a professional status he was required to demonstrate to the Royal Institute of Chartered Engineers achievements by way of academic qualifications in the subject, a considerable number of years experience in the field of engineering and the holding of a senior post of engineering responsibility.

As a professional engineer Richard has an obligation to the public to be trustworthy and to provide honest accurate information and service which others can rely on.

You, the customer, will soon realise how important this is. If for example you need to know the merits or needs of a particular method of insulation, or the differences in grades of wood, or the ability to span a certain distance with a roof beam or the benefits of a particular glazing type, and so on, Keops will give you facts which can be supported by theory and practice.

All of our team are trained in the technical aspects of log cabins and will provide consistent information.

Additionally we can call upon a wealth of experience gained from our fifteen years in the log cabin industry. During this time we have designed and supplied thousands of log cabins to all types of customer and for all types of use.

Finally, we keep totally abreast of what is happening in our market place. We make a point of being knowledgeable of the competition, what they do well, what is not so good, their abilities and so on. If asked, we are happy to point out the difference in what we offer and the way we work

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