Lugarde Wood Treatments

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Wood Treatments

All Lugarde summerhouses and log cabins are delivered untreated as standard. You must treat the wood against the elements as quickly as possible, externally and internally. Sadolin & Sikkens are both excellent products, available in a wide choice of colours and woodstains.

Lugarde buildings are now available ready treated in a choice of 4 colours!
When choosing this option, Lugarde will treat the entire building in a choice of 4 colours. There are 4 transparent colours available; blue-grey, white, green and light oak. See the images below for examples.

Transparent blue-grey treatmentWhite transparent treatmentGreen Transparent treatmentLight oak transparent treatment
The Advantages
  • Your summerhouse, log cabin or veranda will be maintenance free for between 1 and 2 years (depending on weather conditions), except the transparent white which will need to be re treated within 1 year.
  • After this period, buildings only need to be re-treated with the top coat (no need to apply a pre-treatment)
  • The entire building is treated including all the parts that are unreachable after installation

What does it cost? For the complete building - add 15%.